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UPDATE June 5, 2015

Willamette Valley Mediation is pleased to announce that Michelle Vlach-Ing has been appointed to both the Marion and Polk County Mediation panel. If you have clients who need a domestic relations mediator to assist with creating a comprehensive parenting plan which may also include a stipulation to custody that will work best for the family, please consider Willamette Valley Mediation.

Michelle is committed to working with the parties to develop a parenting plan that will fit the needs of the parents with an emphasis on meeting the needs of the child and optimizing quality parenting time for the child.

Michelle has been in the private practice of law since 2002. She spent her first year as an attorney clerking for the Honorable Mary Ann Bearden in Lane County. Many of the cases she observed were criminal hearings, termination of parental right trials, and civil trials. Michelle then honed her trial skills in a bulk collection practice where she arbitrated and tried dozens of cases across the state. She eventually began defending her bank clients in FDCPA and FCRA claims in US District Court. Michelle transitioned to Intellectual Property litigation in 2006 and managed a boutique law firm from 2006 to 2011 and further her trial skills in intellectual property infringement litigation, employment law and international arbitration, including domain name disputes through ICAN. In 2011, Michelle went out on her own in order to expand her state court trial experience. After two years of incorporating family law into her practice, Michelle took a two month hiatus. During this time, Michelle was trained in basic and advance mediation for domestic relations, small claims and landlord tenant issues. In addition to her private practice which still includes trademark and copyright prosecution and licensing, small business, contracts, arbitration and private mediation. Michelle is a volunteer mediator with Neighbor to Neighbor mediation.

Michelle expects to further expand her practice into mediation and arbitration.

Michelle can be reached at michelle@thesalemlawyer.com, or by telephone at 503-585-1289.

Michelle is available for mediation in contract dispute and domestic relations such as parenting time, custody and financial matters. As a mediator, Michelle cannot represent either party. Parties are free to consult with their own attorney at any time during the mediation process.

Michelle obtained her Basic Mediation training from Neighbor 2 Neighbor and her Family Law Mediation training from Julia Rice of Willamette Valley Mediation in 2014.