Trade Secret Law

Trade secret law is a rarely discussed and often overlooked subsection of intellectual property law. Trade secret protects against the misappropriation of any information that obtains value due to the secrecy of the information from the public or other persons who could derive value from knowledge of the information. The challenge of trade secret law is taking the actions necessary to keep the information a secret.

At the Law Office of Michelle Vlach-Ing, we are able to help you in taking the actions necessary to keep your valuable information a secret. Whether dealing with employees leaving your business, competitors attempting to learn your secrets, or necessary disclosures to other businesses or individuals to achieve your business’s goals, we are able to direct you in the practices used to keep your information a secret. Combining proper security along with properly drafted legal agreements will prevent your trade secrets from being lost through disclosure.

What happens to your trade secret if a competitor gains knowledge of your trade secret through improper means or an individual discloses your trade secret in violation of an agreement preventing them from that disclosure? We have the tools to take the actions to protect your trade secret when it is improperly discovered or disclosed. Whether through litigation or communication with other parties, we are prepared to help you maintain your trade secret protection.

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