Patent Law

Since the first patent act was enacted in the United States in 1790 “[t]o promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts” (U.S. Constitution, article I, section 8, clause 8), the amount of patent applications filed has continued to grow with over 500,000 applications being filed in the United States in 2012. One of the reasons for this growth is the value that businesses and individuals are realizing through utilization of patent ownership, whether marketing the patented item themselves or licensing it for another person to market.

The benefit of a patent lies in the monopoly it grants to the patent owner to produce, use and sell the patented item. The monopoly is granted in exchange for a description enabling one of ordinary skill in the relevant art to make and use a new and useful invention or design.

We recognize that the primary value in a patent is that which a patent owner creates for it. We will begin with discussing your goals for monetizing the invention and any strategies that may apply to your case. From this discussion, we will be able to determine if acquiring a patent is the best strategy for your case and if your strategy will require applying for patents in foreign countries. In the case that a patent will best achieve your goals, we will then work with you to acquire the proper patent protection for your invention.

We are currently not offering patent prosecution services. We do offer services regarding patent infringement litigation. Call for an appointment to discuss your needs.

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