Arbitrator Services

Statement from Michelle Vlach-Ing:

Welcome!  I am a court appointed arbitrator in Lane, Marion and Multnomah counties.  My duties as an arbitrator are in service to the court and the bar while providing a quick cost effective means for parties to resolve their disputes.  Cases filed in circuit court in the state of Oregon below $50,000.00 are often referred to arbitration for disposition.  If your matter is referred to me, you will receive a notice from the court in the mail.  The parties may also request an arbitrator of their choice. If you wish to select me, simply notify the court. If both parties wish to select me, feel free to call my office to find available hearing dates and times.

As the arbitrator, I will consider the facts and apply the law.  I will listen to all sides of the issue before making a determination and issuing an award.

Arbitration hearings may be scheduled in my office or at another site if both parties agree on an alternate location.  Telephonic appearances maybe granted if the attorney’s office is beyond 25 miles of Salem. Please submit requests for telephonic appearances in writing.  I prefer the parties to confer with each other on hearing dates and locations.

Arbitration fees should be paid in advance.  If a party cannot afford the arbitration fees, please seek a deferral or a waiver from the court and submit it via email or surface mail prior to the hearing date.  The forms for a deferral or waiver may be obtained online or from the court clerk.  The Pre-Hearing Statement of Proof is due two weeks before the arbitration.

Fees should be submitted before the hearing.  We accept cash, check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Discover.)

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