File your applications before the Copyright Office fee hike on May 1, 2014

The copyright office will increase fees for copyright registrations beginning May 1, 2014. If cost is an issue to you, time is of the essence, you may be able to save some money by filing before the change. The new Copyright Office filing fee are located here.

Currently, the filing fees for a single application filed online are $35.00 and paper registrations are $65.00. The paper registration will increase to $85.00 and some online registrations will remain $35 for a single author, same claimant, one work, not made for her, but all others will increase to $55.00.

Our office currently processes copyright applications for clients for a flat fee $350.00 (this includes the filing fee) for the first application and for each contemporaneous application by the same copyright claimant:

2-5 – $235.00 each contemporaneous
6-10 – $185.00 each contemporaneous application
11+ – $135.00 each contemporaneous application

When the change takes place on May 1, 2014 our rates will go to hourly rate plus the filing fee until further notice.

An interesting program coming up is the online registration for groups of published photographs.