UPDATE December 7, 2016 7:48 p.m. – Please check the Salem-Keizer School district for closure information. If school is closed due to weather related matters, your appointment will be set over and someone will call you to reschedule. If you are in a different school district or zone and school is closed for weather related matters, you do not need to call to cancel. Please call to reschedule at your earliest convenience.


December 2016 UPDATE: We are accepting self-referred and court appointed mediation and arbitration matters. We are not accepting Parent Time Coordination cases for the remainder of 2016; however, if you are interested in Parent Coordination Services, we can provide you with a packet to review and put you on the waiting list. We are not accepting new business law or intellectual property law clients. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST.



Michelle serves as an attorney, arbitrator, mediator and parenting time coordinator.

The Law Office of Michelle Vlach-Ing and Willamette Valley Mediation is located in historic downtown Salem, Oregon. Our location allows us to serve many of the surrounding communities, including Albany, Dallas, Eugene, Independence, Monmouth, and Portland.

As an attorney, Michelle focuses her attention on meeting the needs of her clients. Clientele is limited so we can provide attention to the clients we do represent. At this time we are not accepting new clients and will consider new clients by referral, only. We have experience addressing issues of all shapes and sizes, including intellectual property filings, complex infringement cases, business transactions, and property disputes.

As an arbitrator, Michelle is committed to remaining unbiased, allow the parties to manage their arbitration, and render quick decisions so the parties have a result.

As a mediator, Michelle listens to all sides and uses facilitative and evaluative techniques to help parties identify issues and explore options for resolution. Michelle enjoys preparing stipulated agreements.

Feel free to call us at 503-585-1289 or email us for more information.